Hey Yall! Thanks for stopping by! My friends call me Meechie, but if you want to be official, I am Demetria Brown, your travel agent, travel expert, travel buddy and sista friend!
I have loved 'going places' since I was young girl. I used the term "going places" because if you grew up where I did that was the most you could do. We never use the word "travel" when I was a little girl. So as I aged the word travel always seemed to be some exclusive privilege for those who were rich and or famous. 
Fast forward to my purpose and why your here. If your like me a mother, wife, daughter, sister, friend, and employee and unfortunately not rich but have a strong desire to travel even when your pockets say otherwise then continue to read on.
I specialize in high quality group tours that are amazing. They are affordable, unique. We explore different countries but what makes me a bit different is you can start paying for you trip 1-2 years in advance and most include air, transfers, meals, hotels so your not worried too much while your away. Are you worried because your single? Don't have a travel buddy? We all have those "friends" or "spouses" who either don't travel, won't travel or simply say they can't afford to travel and often this either forces us to wait or not go at all. I honestly encourage folks to travel alone.....we will all be strangers at first but by the end of the trip we will be exchanging hugs and numbers and new forever travel friends will be made!
 I hope to encourage and inspire you to not only travel but to understand and appreciate how your life can be improved through the art of travel. When we open up to cultures that are different than our own it enriches our life in ways you'd never think of. We develop patience and appreciation for our lives and the things we have. Travel is more than my passion, its my life and I would like to share that with you! I also want you to know that yes...Brown Girls can Travel, women can travel, kids can travel can too! 

Demetria Brown

Once a month, I do free walking tours in Southern California where I go out and explore the city one step at a time in hopes of getting people out of their house to see what is being offered in their own backyard all while gaining knowledge about their city and exercise.

Each tour is a minimum of 10k steps so subscribe for dates and upcoming trips!